Our passionate team consists of Architects, Civil, Mechanical, and Electrical BIM Engineers with a background in construction & facility management with sustainability as a core concept of all our services

Digital Engineering Consulting Company Made in India for the world!

BIM consulting companies are available in most countries worldwide, with the largest concentration in USA, UK, Canada, UAE, and Australia. Many of these consulting firms have been in business for several years and are regarded as experts in their field. But to cater to the Indian market there is a unique set of understanding required in terms of local organizational behavioral and stakeholder management process, at Desapex we have mastered this skill by blending our local project experience with international codes and standards like ISO 19650, which will make sure that projects adopt a fully collaborative and consistent BIM process throughout their whole life cycle - regardless of location. In this regard, Desapex is the first and currently only consulting business in India to have achieved BSI Kitemark based on the standard (ISO 19650 -1&2), which demonstrates the capability of a technically qualified team who wants to ensure the information required for different BIM use cases are defined and ensure that use cases are getting realized in the construction projects.

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We are Globally First Company and the Only Company in India! To have BSI Kitemark for BIM.

We are the First Company in the World and the Only Company in India! To have BSI Kitemark for BIM.

Currently Desapex is the only consulting business in India to have achieved certification based on the standard (ISO 19650 -1&2), which demonstrates the capability of a passionate team who wants to ensure that projects and assets adopt a fully collaborative and consistent BIM process throughout their whole life cycle - regardless of location.

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Our Mission

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There are several factors that can affect the digital adoption rate, such as the stage at which the company or project is in, how well the company’s employees or project stakeholders are informed about the new technology /process and its benefits, and the cost of implementation. Digital implementation requires a lot of investment, which means that it is crucial to choose the right implementation partner who understands the expected outcome and designs the strategy for the intended target outcomes. Which otherwise, as a result, you might end up with a lot of software but no results, which turns out to make us go for All or nothing cognitive distortion. Therefore at Desapex, our mission is to enable the adoption & integration of technology for target value design, by which we ensure that client understands the intended use case of technology adoption and continues his journey phase by phase.

Our Vision

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Technology can be a key enabler in driving forward sustainability initiatives when used correctly.  Whether for collaboration, robotic process automation, or delivering previously unavailable insight, the use of technological advancements can often be a game-changing tool inbuilt environment. With the rapidly changing landscape of regulation, best practices, and societal norms, it is crucial for government and industry to implement technological assistance to strategically drive sustainability initiatives forward while avoiding the pitfalls of introducing complexity for the sake of appearing complex. By adopting technology and integrating it with target value design we focus on delivering all our projects sustainably not only during the capital expenditure phase but also during the operational phase of the asset, keeping in mind the life cycle impact of the process, which we call life cycle BIM.

Our Approach

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People are the most critical part of project delivery, no matter the scale. We have a team capable of integrating design, construction & operation management parameters into a Digital Information Model to provide an unmatched experience to our clients, at all times. We believe in a consultative approach to project delivery, so the client can get the best of the possible outcomes, from our value engineering and sound understanding of the requirement. This ensures that you are not just hiring a bunch of people who know how to use software but can add value to your next project that is based on engineering practices in the industry, enhanced using digital technologies. Since projects are built around the capacity and capabilities of technical and non-technical personnel, we have developed a framework as part of our standard operating procedure in the project delivery process.

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"We believe, investing in digital technology and processes is not merely for ROI calculation for one of the use cases, but for organizational resilience and future proofing, we are sure the data fabric will provide a large number of use cases over a period of time, and create more opportunities for business excellence"

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