Laser scanning

Information Management

ISO 19650 Information Management Services for owners and developers optimize BIM standards. We ensure smooth implementation, enhancing efficiency and project success, from start to finish.

BIM for design management

BIM for Design Management

BIM for design management is about using digital technology to streamline the design process, improve collaboration, reduce errors, enhance decision-making, and ultimately deliver more efficient and cost-effective construction projects.

BIM  For construction

BIM for Construction

At Desapex, we specialize in BIM for Construction Management. We start with client consultation, create a 3D model, analyze and optimize, estimate costs, and provide continuous on-site support. Our expertise ensures accurate estimates, reduced risks, and successful construction projects.

BIM for operation and maintenance

BIM for Operation & Maintenance

BIM provides access to coordinated, reliable, and shareable data to all parties. Beyond the construction process, enabling BIM for facilities management and operations can greatly benefit the overall health of the building and reduce ongoing operating costs.

Plant asset integrity

Harnessing 3D Scanning & Modeling for Plant Asset Integrity

The application of 3D scanning and 3D modeling provides a comprehensive picture of plant integrity. 3D scanning technology gathers detailed scan data, capturing the precise dimensions and layout of the plant. Which will allow us to create smart P&ID and updated Isometrics of the Plant resulting into a Digital Twin

Digital Twin

Digital twin

We have Digital Twin solutions for managing property maintenance processes and information. Digital Twin can also be used for manufacturing process simulations, also we do have VR & AR-based digital twins for the AEC industry, Manufacturing, Warehouse & Logistics, and Datacenter. Successfully executed projects in India, Australia, and Europe.

About Us

Life Cycle of Built Asset graphical representation

World's First Digital Building Life Cycle Design Platform

Desapex is digital engineering company working towards digital technology integration in the AEC industry to improve the Design, Construction, Operation & Facility Management practices of the Built Environment.

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