Digital Design Management


While the adoption of digital design (BIM) is increasing among architects and engineers, there is still a gap both in terms of capacity andcapabilities which must be bridged to create digital 3d models to perform various analyses like Clash Detection Coordination betweenbuilding services, 4D model simulations, Coordination Drawing Creation, Quantity Take Off. At Desapex we help our clients to translateconventional 2D drawings into 3D BIM models and perform these simulations before we even go to the construction site or help the contractorto further develop the 3D BIM model in terms of information required for construction documentation and onsite coordination.

DAM - Digital Asset Management

Technical Expertise

Desapex DDM team has good domain Expertise in Architecture and StructuralServices, processes involved, Tools and technology. Using the latest, mostsophisticated tools, coupled with innovative project managementmethodology for all our projects, we have built a strong reputation fordelivering projects on time with Models of the highest quality. The models aredeveloped with good modeling standard practices keeping in mind theutilization of models for material quantity extraction, Construction process andthese can be further updated for facility management operations and otherprocesses. We provide the top-qualified professionals working on the mostadvanced building systems. The models are thoroughly Checked for Quality,clashes, and constructability issues by our Expert Professionals using Digitaltools and technologies, and make sure that we always deliver what we promiseto our clients.

Resource Experience

DDM team consists of well experienced and Enthusiastic Engineers from MEP,Civil Engineering, and Architects who are Autodesk Certified Professionals aswell. The team has worked on Designing the systems for HVAC and PHEsystems, Building Limitation study, Technical Due Diligence, and sitecoordination. Team has good knowledge of National Building codes, ISOstandards for BIM, standard installation practices for HVAC and PHE systems,Fire protection system codes and standards, SMACNA standards, Tools forBIM, etc.

Organizational Capability

DDM professionals are well-trained and experienced, with excellentdomain knowledge, utter professionalism, and commitment to work.The team has worked on various Indian and overseas projects forcommercial, hospitality, industrial and warehouse buildings. Everyproject is taken utmost care since from planning, model developmentto project delivery. The BIM models are checked for clash andcoordination under Digital tools such as Navisworks and Solibri andare further verified for quality and standards by highly qualified leads,who have worked for more than 3 years on different kinds of projects.The team has good hold on Autodesk products like Revit, Navisworks,and Autocad and Rendering tools like Twin Motion, Enscape, Lumion,and Vray . We have also helped clients with Pre-construction BIMservices and the Enrichment of Models for Facility managementpurposes.