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Autodesk Construction Cloud Implementation: Optimizing DMS & CDE

May 14, 2024

In today’s fast-paced construction industry, managing documents and project data efficiently is key to staying competitive. Desapex specializes in Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) implementation, providing a comprehensive service that enables organizations to leverage ACC as a Document Management System (DMS) and Common Data Environment (CDE). Here’s how Desapex can guide your organization through the transformation, maximizing ACC’s advanced features.

Introduction to the Digital Framework and Awareness Workshop

Desapex’s service begins with an introduction to ISO 19650, the global standard for construction data management. This workshop aligns core teams and stakeholders on project objectives and how Autodesk Construction Cloud integrates with existing workflows.

We provide a comprehensive overview of ACC’s suite, including Autodesk Docs, BIM Collaborate, Build, and Takeoff, illustrating how these tools centralize data management, streamline workflows, and foster real-time collaboration. Desapex creates a shared understanding among stakeholders, ensuring a unified vision and establishing a foundation for successful implementation.

DMS Current State Assessment

Our experts assess your organization’s current data workflows, tools, and document management processes, identifying inefficiencies, gaps, and pain points. This analysis forms the basis for tailoring the ACC platform to meet your unique needs. 


For design teams, our consultants analyze the tools and processes for collaboration, version control, and data sharing. Autodesk Docs, the core hub for project files, can centralize all design documents, provide real-time access, and implement controlled approval workflows.

By understanding your current workflows, Desapex can formulate a precise implementation strategy that aligns with your organizational requirements.

Identifying Solutions and Defining Stakeholder Roles

Desapex collaborates with you to identify key stakeholders and clearly define their roles. This ensures accountability and facilitates collaboration. Our detailed communication plan engages stakeholders and keeps everyone aligned throughout the project.

Comprehensive training programs empower stakeholders to master Autodesk Construction Cloud’s tools, providing practical modules that simplify document workflows, file sharing, and approval processes. Desapex ensures each stakeholder is equipped to fully utilize ACC for efficient document management.

DMS Software and Features Recommendation

Desapex aligns ACC’s software and features with your specific requirements to ensure seamless adoption. For instance, "Reviews" offers a streamlined approval workflow for documentation, while "Correspondence" manages project communication effectively. By recommending relevant features and providing a tailored technology roadmap, Desapex helps your organization unlock the full potential of ACC.

Overview of Autodesk Construction Cloud Features

Desapex ensures your organization leverages the powerful features of ACC for optimized document management, collaboration, and data insights.

Autodesk Build:

Build centralizes field management workflows and connects teams on-site and in the office. With issue tracking, quality and safety forms, and digital inspections, it enables comprehensive field execution. The "Meetings" feature organizes minutes, tracks commitments, and provides a historical log for transparency and follow-up.

Autodesk BIM Collaborate:

Facilitates design collaboration and model coordination by providing clash detection, aggregation, and model analysis. Teams can identify issues early in the process, reducing rework and improving decision-making.

Autodesk Takeoff:

Enables precise quantity takeoffs from 2D and 3D models, centralizing estimation workflows for accurate material quantification and cost estimation.

Autodesk Docs:

Acts as a central hub for all project documents, ensuring stakeholders can access up-to-date files with version control, structured approval workflows, and customizable permissions.


Insight delivers unified project-level data, analytics, and predictive insights to:

  • Help get you up to speed with what's going on in a project.
  • Assess trends and patterns in project data.
  • Identify any gaps and problems.
  • Use predictive risk data to improve project efficiency.

Easily find and collaborate on drawings anywhere, anytime, on any device, ensuring teams have access to the information they need at their fingertips. Field teams can quickly view the most up-to-date design files, online or offline.

With the ability to search the text in Sheets, mark favourites, create tags, select version sets, and filter and sort, teams can find the information they need, when they need it.


Track all design, coordination, quality, safety, and commissioning issues from the same issue log. Use sorting and filtering to configure your view and quickly find the issues you’re looking for.


Set up your quality and safety forms to fit your construction project’s needs and ensure all crucial project information is captured. Save time and increase transparency by connecting forms with issues and RFIs. Create an issue directly from a form, and if needed, escalate that issue to an RFI right away.


Designate clear project responsibilities for each step of the RFI process to improve communication, create accountability, and efficiently manage your construction project RFIs through resolution.  

Do more than just manage RFIs, connect them across the project lifecycle. Link RFIs to other tasks. Escalate Issues to RFIs project management workflows and reduce the risk of data loss.


Efficiently coordinate and manage all construction submittals in a single submittal log. Quickly move submittals through the review process, with actionable responses.


A transmittal is a formal means of sending files to another project member or team. You can create transmittals in the Files tool in Docs, Build, and Takeoff, and also from the Transmittals tool in Docs.


Send files for review using the approval workflow feature in the Reviews tool.

As a document manager, you need to distribute project drawings, models, and files for review and approval, before construction can begin. The approval workflow feature enables project administrators to facilitate, control, and automate the distribution of files to project members.

Members designated as reviewers can then review and comment on the files, and members designated as approvers can give final approval for the files to be used.


Improve team coordination and project management with centralized construction meeting minutes.

Effortlessly manage your construction project meeting minutes. Gain clear visibility into commitments made, link to essential references, and keep an organized history of all meeting records. With all necessary information at your fingertips, meetings are effortless, productive, and collaborative.


The Correspondence tool in the Autodesk Construction Cloud platform is designed to empower users with the ability to create and manage flexible communication within the Autodesk Construction Cloud platform.

Users will be able to create and manage internal and external communication with project stakeholders, resulting in a single, centralized, and connected source of truth for the project.


Project administrators can manage all project members and their respective properties from the Members tool in each product. Greater control is available for users for secured file sharing and consumption, as per predefined permissions.

Training and Skill Development

Desapex’s training programs give your team practical experience with ACC’s tools. Exercises cover file exchange, approval workflows, and issue tracking. This ensures your teams have the necessary skills to navigate ACC’s platform effectively and handle daily workflows seamlessly.


Desapex’s comprehensive service helps organizations fully implement Autodesk Construction Cloud as a DMS and CDE. By leveraging Desapex’s expertise, you can streamline workflows, improve data sharing, and facilitate seamless collaboration for successful project delivery. Trust Desapex to guide you through unlocking the power of Autodesk Construction Cloud.

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