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Top 10 Errors & its solutions in Revit

1) Revit Error Report - A Software problem has caused Revit to close unexpectedly.

Autodesk error report, image


Follow the below steps:

  • Install all available Windows updates.
  • Restart the computer.
  • Install the latest updates available for the Autodesk product. Find them in the Autodesk Account under Product Updates.
  • Update the graphics card's driver. Refer to the specific card manufacturer for the most recent drivers.
  • Disconnect the computer from the docking station and launch the software to test against compatibility. If the software works as intended when disconnected, use one of the following options:
  • Run the application only when disconnected from the docking station.
  • Before connecting to the docking station, launch the application on the computer and then connect the computer to the docking station.
  • Contact the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of the docking station for support, missing or recent firmware updates to the docking station may be causing the issue.
  • If using an eGPU through a docking station to a laptop, install all driver updates for the laptop and docking station. If it is still an issue, the eGPU needs to be connected directly to the laptop, and not go through a docking station.

Launch the software.

2) A serious error has occurred - Save a Recovery File

Revit - A serious error has occurred, Save a Recovery File, image


  • Initial items to check/test:
  • Make sure that Revit has the latest update/hotfix installed: Update your software.
  • Open the model with an Audit.
  • After Auditing, check the journal for any "Please Reload" lines that indicate family corruption, and if found use the steps in the following article to repair: File will not synchronize in Revit
  • Review and handle any warnings in the model.
  • Additional items to check/test for Work shared models:
  • Open the model with all worksets closed
  • Set the worksets option to Specify when opening the model (for cloud models, use the ... to access the Specify option).
  • Select all of the worksets in the Worksets dialog box (Ctrl +A).
  • Click Close to close the worksets.
  • Click OK.
  • If the model opens with the worksets closed, turn worksets back on to see if one or more of the worksets are associated with the error. Pay particular attention to worksets that contain linked files (if such worksets have been created in the model).
  • If the error appears to be caused by linked models, go through the following steps.
  • Open the Manage Links dialog box.
  • Unload the problematic links.
  • Confirm that the model opens without error when the links are unloaded.
  • Reload the links to find the specific ones causing the error.
  • Open the models causing the error, to check for errors/warnings encountered when opening the linked model directly.
  • If the model does NOT open with all worksets closed, Detach the model from Central and resave it as a new central.

3) File contains an incorrect schema - Can't save the file.

Revit File contains an incorrect schema - Can't save the file, image


  • To clear the issue, try the following solutions
  • Request a new version of the file (in case corruption occurred during the previous transmission from another location).
  • Create a new local file if the error is present only in the local model.

4) Autodesk Revit is not Responding - Revit closes immediately.

Autodesk Revit is not Responding - Revit closes immediately, image


Clear TEMP files First try clearing user Temp file directory: How to delete temporary files in Windows. Use the Audit option Try opening the file using the Audit functionality. Open with worksets closed Open the model with the worksets containing linked models closed: Open Worksets. If the model opens, reload each link one at a time until the problematic link is identified. Note: See the following for Revit and AutoCAD links: "Data in the file (filename).rvt is corrupt and needs to be manually recovered" when opening a file or syncing a file to central in Revit. How to repair corrupt AutoCAD files. Disable Add-Ins Test the behavior with temporarily disabled add-ins.

Check if Revit possibly still shows add-ins in the ribbon (these cannot be temporarily disabled and have to be uninstalled manually for proper testing). If the add-ins are needed, check them for any available updates and apply. Reset the Revit Settings Test resetting the Revit settings to defaults: How to reset the Autodesk Revit ribbon, toolbar, and browser to default settings. Update the Graphics Card Driver Try updating the graphics card driver to the most recent driver version available. Certified drivers can be downloaded from the Autodesk Certified Hardware website.

Note: If the latest graphics card driver is not listed, download and install the most recent driver directly from the manufacturer's website. Apply Windows Updates Update the Windows system with all recommended updates and fixes from Microsoft. Install Revit Updates Install the latest updates for your current version of Revit. See: Available Revit Updates & Add-ons

Create a new Local User account in Windows If the issue persists, follow the steps below: Create a new local user account on the computer. Assign the required administrator permissions to this user. Log in to the computer with the newly created test account and see if Revit launches properly.

5) Display Error - Revit window shall be closed.

Display Error - Revit window shall be closed, image


  • Software and System Requirements
  • Make sure that the latest update is installed for Revit.
  • Verify that the computer meets the System Requirements for Revit.
  • Open with Audit
  • When opening the model, select Audit.
  • Graphics Card and Driver
  • A damaged graphics driver installation can cause errors. Updating the driver gives the latest driver features, and replaces the existing installation.
  • If already on the latest driver, uninstall and reinstall the same driver version.

6) Central Model is Corrupt - Cannot save until the model is Repaired.

Central Model in Revit is Corrupt - Cannot save until the model is Repaired, image


Use one of the following strategies to resolve this issue:

  • Use the instructions in the following Revit help topic to repair the central model: Repair a Corrupt Central Model (File-Based Work-sharing Only).
  • Use a previous version of the affected file that is not corrupt.
  • If the error returns after successfully repairing the model try one of the following.
  • See the following Revit help topic for information on preventing data corruption: Best Practices: Preventing Data Corruption in Revit.
  • Test disabling all add-ins: How to disable add-ins for Revit.
  • There could be some corrupted families in the Revit model. To detect and rectify them refer to the solution mentioned in Cannot open or save the file with an audit in Revit.

7) An unrecoverable error has occurred - Revit will be terminated.

An unrecoverable error has occurred - Revit will be terminated, image


To resolve this issue, identify the problematic add-in:

  • Disable Revit add-ins, see How to disable add-ins for Revit.
  • Revit will launch but without add-ons.
  • Re-enable Revit add-ins one by one, testing Revit after each until the problematic add-in is found. Alternatively, inspect the Revit Journal Files for more details.
  • Once the problematic add-in is found:
  • If it is a default Revit add-in provided by Autodesk, uninstall and reinstall it.
  • If it is a third-party add-in, contact the corresponding third-party developer for support.

8) Constraints are not satisfied - Remove constraints or Delete elements.

Constraints are not satisfied - Remove constraints or Delete elements, image


  • Avoid over-constraining a model by removing constraints that are not required.
  • Select a dimension.
  • Do any of the following:
  • Click a lock to unlock it.
  • Click the EQ symbol to remove an equality constraint. The EQ symbol appears with a slash through it when the equality constraint is not applied.
  • Delete the dimension that corresponds to the constraint. A warning appears that you are not deleting the actual constraint. Click Unconstrain in the warning dialog to remove the constraint.

9) Unable to access the Model - cannot save the model.

Unable to access the Model in Revit - cannot save the model, image


  • To avoid this behavior, check the following points:
  • Audit the model
  • Attempt to open the model with the Audit option and see if the issue is cleared.
  • Review the model's structure and file size
  • Try to avoid huge central models. Models bigger than ~1GB are definitely worth revisiting. Refer to the resources in the article: How to improve, optimize, or troubleshoot performance in Revit.
  • Make sure users are not syncing at the same time
  • Confirm that no other users are interacting with the central model.

Note: For File-Based Work sharing workflows, consider using Work sharing Monitor for Revit to avoid multiple users synchronizing with the central file simultaneously.

  • Ensure that all users have the latest updates applied to Revit
  • If needed, download the latest updates from the Autodesk account.

10) Can't obtain permission to edit the element - Model is inaccessible.

Can't obtain permission to edit the element in Revit - Model is inaccessible, image


To avoid this in future follow these suggestions:

  • When moving central models to new locations, open the model and re-save as a new central model.
  • Ensure all users are connected to the network using the same type of file path, such as using the Universal Naming Convention (UNC) to assign a file path.
  • If working in Revit 2020 install latest hotfix 2020.2.2.
  • Ensure users are connected to the central model in a supported connection.

To work with the file if it has been moved:

  • Open the file with "Detach form central" checked.
  • Save the file in the new location.
  • Close the newly saved file.
  • Attempt to open the file again, ensure "Create new local" is checked and not grayed out.

The file should now allow items to be edited properly.

(Source : Autodesk Forums)

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