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Demystifying BIM: More Than Just 3D Modeling

December 26, 2023


Building Information Modeling (BIM) transcends the traditional boundaries of 3D modeling, offering a holistic approach to the design, construction, and management of buildings and infrastructure. In this blog, we delve into the expansive capabilities of BIM and present a confidential case study of a client of Desapex. This case study particularly focuses on the critical role of establishing a Common Data Environment (CDE) for successful BIM adoption and the significant return on investment (ROI) achieved.

Understanding BIM Beyond 3D Modeling

BIM is much more than just 3D modeling. It encompasses the creation, management, and use of digitized representations of a building's physical and functional characteristics. BIM facilitates enhanced collaboration, efficient data management, and comprehensive lifecycle management of construction projects.

Core Aspects of BIM

  1. Multi-Dimensional Modeling: Beyond 3D, BIM integrates 4D (time), 5D (cost), 6D (sustainability), and 7D (facility management) aspects.
  2. Data Management and Collaboration: Centralizing data in a CDE to enhance collaboration and streamline project management.
  3. Lifecycle Management: Addressing every phase of a building's lifecycle, from inception to demolition.

Confidential Case Study: A Client of Desapex

Background and Challenges

A leading entity in the AEC sector, bound by an NDA, faced difficulties in managing complex projects, marked by inefficient collaboration and data handling, leading to delays and cost overruns.

Desapex's Intervention

Desapex was tasked with implementing a bespoke BIM strategy, focusing on 3D modeling and crucially on establishing a robust CDE.

Implementing BIM and CDE

  1. Establishing the CDE: A centralized digital space for project data, enhancing data management and accessibility.
  2. Enhanced Collaboration: Real-time data sharing within the CDE improved coordination among all stakeholders.
  3. Efficiency in Execution: Multi-dimensional BIM models in the CDE led to more accurate and efficient project delivery.
  4. Lifecycle Management: Post-construction, the BIM model aided in effective building management.

ROI and Success Metrics

The client achieved remarkable ROI metrics post-BIM implementation:

  • Cost Reduction: A marked decrease in project costs by approximately 20%, mainly due to reduced rework and efficient resource utilization.
  • Time Efficiency: Project timelines were shortened by about 15%, thanks to improved planning and coordination.
  • Error Reduction: A significant reduction in errors and omissions, estimated at a 25% decrease, due to the accuracy of BIM models.
  • Enhanced Collaboration Efficiency: Communication and collaboration efficiency improved by over 30%, leading to smoother project execution.
  • Sustainability: Implementation of sustainable practices resulted in a 10% improvement in energy efficiency in completed projects.

Desapex's Role in Achieving ROI

Desapex played a crucial role in realizing these metrics by:

  1. Tailored BIM Strategy: Customizing the BIM approach to meet the specific needs of the client.
  2. Training and Support: Providing comprehensive training to stakeholders for effective use of the BIM tools and CDE.
  3. Ongoing Consultation: Offering continuous support and expertise throughout the project lifecycle.


This case study with a client of Desapex underscores that BIM is far more expansive than just 3D modeling. It represents a paradigm shift in how construction projects are managed, highlighting the importance of data management, collaboration, and lifecycle management. The significant ROI achieved by the client exemplifies the transformative potential of BIM in the AEC industry. As we progress in the digital era, the role of BIM in optimizing building design and management continues to grow, shaping the future of the construction world.

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