Campus Transformation with Digital Twins: A Learning Institution's Success Story

Digital Asset Management 
April 25, 2024

Campus Transformation with Digital Twins: A Learning Institution's Success Story

Problem Statement from the Client

Campus View
  • Setting up a Computerised Maintenance management, Asset management system for a newly constructed CRE/Hotel Facility.
  • Utilization of BIM models developed during the design & construction stages to develop a Digital twin of the facility.

Scope of Work

  • Development of BIM Models and Coordination with Consultants to prepare Clash free models, Drawings, Rendered Walkthrough Videos, and on-site BIM coordination [during construction]
  • Laser scanning and Upgrading the models to Asbuilt stages. [during construction]
  • Enrichment of BIM models with Asset information from the Handover documents & Excel sheets.
  • Setting up Digital twin and importing all the asset information and spaces from BIM Models.
  • Understanding the existing Maintenance process and configuring the system.
  • Generating location-based QR codes for the ticketing system.
  • Setting up Maintenance plans and link assets as per the 52W PPM followed by the Customer.
  • User Rights and access control settings for multiple user roles and training accordingly.
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Input shared by the client

  • As-built models were received for model enrichment with required asset data to develop a digital twin
  • Asset information was shared in PDF and Excel formats to capture the asset data
  • 52W PPM plans for Setting up maintenance tasks and linking assets
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Software used

  • Granlund Manager
  • Autodesk Revit 2019
  • SimpleBim
  • Excel

Key Challenges & How we solved the problem

Since the site was newly constructed and some parts still needed to be handed over to the facility management team, Asset information was unorganized and was missing for multiple equipment from the data we had received.

The team managed to collect the information from handover documents, asset nameplates, and product brochures for enriching the BIM models. Further, this information was imported into the solution, and assets were mapped in the Digital twin.

Outcome or how the client got benefitted

Since it's a corporate training campus with accommodation facilities, the number of visitors and guests is usually high. The demand for on-time service and hospitality plays a major aspect in this property due to multiple meetings and conferences which take place simultaneously and also the accommodation requirements.

There are around 800 requests for a year & we could observe that the issues are getting resolved in 10-15 mins. All Maintenance history is recorded in the system, and asset data and reports are being used for FM activities

Digital Twin model