Co-working space

Digital Asset Management 
February 20, 2023

Co-working space

Problem Statement from the client

  • Implementation of Asset Management, Maintenance Management, and Energy Management solution for a co-working facility.
  • Collect Energy Consumption data from the O&M team to generate Energy reports.
  • Digitalization of existing Maintenance process to accomplish a more transparent and smoother workflow.

Maintenance management, image
Maintenance management

Scope of Work

  • Collect, manage and set up the asset information on Granlund Manager.
  • Set up energy meters based on the existing meter structure (hierarchy) and import the energy consumption data for the previous 1 year.
  • Understanding the existing Maintenance process and configuring the system.
  • Generating location-based QR codes for the ticketing system.
  • Configuring audit forms and enabling maintenance audit process.
  • Setting up Maintenance plans and link assets as per the 52W PPM followed by customer.
  • User Rights and access control settings for multiple user roles and training accordingly.

Input Shared

  • Asset information in PDF and Excel formats to facilitate the asset management process.
  • 52W PPM plans for Setting up maintenance tasks and linking assets. 
  • Space layouts with numbering for space/room setup and generating QR codes.
  • Energy Meter structure (hierarchy) and Past 1-year energy consumption data to set up energy management process.

input, image

Softwares used

  • Granlund Manager
  • Excel

Project Timeline

The implementation process was completed in 1 month including asset tree setup, information addition, digitalizing maintenance process, generating audit templates, assigning energy meters, and importing their past 1-year consumption data in Granlund Manager. Further, the training was carried out, monitored, and simultaneously handed over to the facility team in the next 1 month.

Key Challenges & How we solved the problem

The energy consumption information was available/documented for the past 8 months. however, there were many challenges with data like missing and inappropriate values which had to be sorted and replaced with the appropriate information before importing to Granlund Manager to fetch accurate results.

Outcome or how the client got benefitted

  • Quality audits and Invoicing approval features streamlined the existing maintenance workflow and added more transparency to the process. Also, Energy reports has helped client in deriving KPIs and optimizing costs.
  • The Spaces are significant assets in the coworking space. All the spaces and their assets were added with the required information to facilitate the asset management activities.