BIM ISO 19650 Kitemark

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We are the First Company in the World and the Only Company in India! To have BSI Kitemark.

Desapex is the only consulting business in India to have achieved certification based on the standard (ISO 19650 -1&2), which demonstrates the capability of a passionate team who wants to ensure that projects and assets adopt a fully collaborative and consistent BIM process throughout their whole life cycle - regardless of location.

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About Us

Desapex - A digitally built environment design firm that works towards digital technology integration in the construction industry. We work hard on improving the architectural designs, construction, and management practices of the built infrastructure.
Our dynamic team here includes Civil architects, Construction, Structural & Digital engineering specialists with a background in Building Information Modelling (BIM), BIM Architecture, and Sustainability as a core concept. We are one of the best technology-driven BIM companies in India.

Our Vision

Sustainable Built Environment

Our Mission

Enable Digital Adoption & Integration of
Technology for Target Value Design

"We believe, investing in digital technology and processes is not merely for ROI calculation for one of the use cases, but for organizational resilience and future proofing, we are sure the data fabric will provide a large number of use cases over a period of time, and create more opportunities for business excellence"

Shivaraddi K

Sr. Project Coordinator

During my career, I have worked on several pioneer projects using BIM technology. I’ve gained knowledge about modeling and management of building information, multidisciplinary coordination, and creating BIM implementation strategies for projects. In addition to BIM, I have a keen interest in the application of new technologies in construction industries – especially VR and AR for the visualization and analysis of advanced 3D models.

Vishwanath Shettar

Digital Asset Manager

Vishwanath has over 3 years of experience in building information modeling. He successfully delivered 8+ projects including commercial offices, Malls, Industrial, and warehouses. He is supporting the client to execute the project on the LEVEL-2 BIM platform of collaborative working of all the project stakeholders and better visualization for the client to make informed decisions on critical stages of the project.

Pooja Gunagi

Project Coordinator

Pooja is an Architect, with 3+ years of experience in the AEC Industry. After completing professional development training Architectural assistantship and building information modeling (BIM), she has worked on more than 30+ projects like Residential, Commercial, Warehouse, Airport, Banks, Industrial buildings /factories, etc. Pooja has hands-on experience in Building Information Modelling standards and expertise in other Autodesk AEC products like Revit, AutoCAD, and Navisworks.

Shreedhar H

Sr. Project Coordinator

A construction professional, specializing in project management and designing building services systems for manufacturing facilities, commercial office space, warehouses, and shopping malls. During my career, I have personally trained 100+ AEC professionals and graduates from various disciplines on Digital Engineering using BIM tools and processes for building services design, along with the implementation of BIM using ISO 19650 and PAS 1192 series for the different case study.

Abhay Nayak

Manager Digital Design

A mechanical engineer, with 5+ years of experience in the AEC Industry. I have worked in more than 85+ projects like Residential, Commercial, Warehouse, Airport, Hospitals, Starred Hotels, Urban Development, etc. I have been involved in training, supporting, and BIM implementation in various domestic and international projects. I am also involved in documentation, providing a solution for facility, asset, and lease management, and certified with an integrated workplace management system by Archibus.