BIM Automation Case Study: Overcoming Resource Constraints and Streamlining MEP Design for metro project

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May 31, 2024

BIM Automation Case Study: Overcoming Resource Constraints and Streamlining MEP Design for metro project

Problem Statement from the client :  

The client is a leading global construction Engineering Design firm and they were awarded the Role of Lead design consultant for the KVMRT Line-2 project. The Project design phase was very Dynamic due to the complexity involved and the execution and the Timeline was Stringent. There was a huge scarcity of BIM technicians in Malaysia with a background in transportation projects. It was quite challenging  for the customer to develop the inhouse BIM team.

Underground metro platform BIM model

Scope of Work: 

  • To Develop a  LOD 400 BIM model for the MEPF service.
  • Participate in the VDR(Virtual design review) meeting for Coordination of services with other stakeholders. 
  • Generate Sheets for below Categories
  • ISD (Individual Service Drawings)
  • CSD (Combined Service Drawings)
  • SEM (Structural Electrical & Mechanical Cut Opening Drawings)

Project Location:

  Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia 

Input Shared by the client: 

2D Detailed Design drawings of MEPF in .dwg format 

Software used:

MEP model

Project Timeline:

The overall timeline was 18 months.

Key Challenges & How we solved the problem: 

To address the Resource Scarcity challenge for the client, A team of 1 manager, 10 BIM engineers were engaged offsite and 1 BIM Coordinator Onsite were assigned to the project within a time duration of 1 month. Client had an inhouse process of annotating the CSD sheets which took an approx time of 4 hrs per sheet, Desapex developed an Automation Solution through which time taken for 1 sheet reduced to 1.5-2hrs, and approx 1200  sheets were annotated,which led to a productivity gain of 50% compared to the previously implemented  manual process.

Metro Station BIM model

Outcome or How the client got benefitted:

With the support of a dedicated BIM team assigned to the project on very short notice, Client was able to deliver the project within the agreed deadlines, even after many design changes, This Helped the construction stage of the project to start smoothly as the design deliverables were submitted as per the agreed schedule. With the Automation Solution 1200 sheets were delivered in 1800 hrs, which through the Manual process would have taken 2700 hrs. This helped the client to submit the deliverable on time and reduce the errors which would have occurred in the manual process.Which led to a productivity gain of 50% when compared to the previously implemented manual process.

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Tunnel BIM model