Desapex: Taking Airport Design and Documentation to New Heights

Company Overview

Desapex, a leader in digitalization solutions, is now revolutionizing airport design. Leveraging their 7 years of experience across 6 continents and over 200 projects, Desapex utilize 3D Building Information Modelling (BIM) and high-precision terrestrial laser scanning to streamline airport planning and construction.  This meticulous approach, employing cutting-edge equipment from FARO, Trimble, and Leica, creates incredibly detailed 3D models of your entire facility, ensuring accurate blueprints and informed decision-making. By adhering to the ISO 19650 standard, Desapex guarantees superior results, translating into enhanced efficiency, improved accuracy through precise 3D modeling, and better collaboration between architects, engineers, and construction teams. Partnering with Desapex takes your airport design and documentation to new heights, ensuring a smoother and more efficient building process.

3D BIM: The Cornerstone of Our Approach

At Desapex, we believe Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the cornerstone of successful airport design and construction.  Our team of BIM specialists leverages 3D modeling to create a central digital model of your airport. This model integrates rich data on every component, from walls and ceilings to MEP systems and passenger amenities.

What is BIM and How Does it Benefit Airports?

BIM goes beyond 3D modeling. It creates a central digital model containing intelligent objects – virtual representations of physical components – with rich data embedded. These objects encompass everything from walls and ceilings to MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) systems and passenger amenities.

Here's how Desapex leverages BIM to empower our airport design and construction clients:

  • Enhanced Collaboration:  A single BIM model acts as the source of truth for all stakeholders – architects, engineers, contractors, and facility managers. This fosters seamless communication, clash detection (identifying overlapping elements before construction begins), and real-time design changes.
  • Visualizing the Journey:  BIM allows for 3D visualization of the entire airport, from check-in counters to baggage handling systems. Virtual walkthroughs with Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) provide an immersive experience, enabling stakeholders to identify potential bottlenecks and optimize passenger flow.
  • Cost and Time Savings:  BIM facilitates clash detection in the pre-construction phase, minimizing costly rework later.  4D BIM integrates scheduling with the 3D model, allowing for optimized construction sequencing and resource allocation. This translates to reduced project timelines and improved cost control.
  • Sustainable Design:  BIM allows for energy simulations, helping to design energy-efficient airport facilities.  Sustainable materials and construction methods can be incorporated into the model, minimizing the environmental impact of the project.
  • Facility Management:  The BIM model becomes a valuable asset even after construction.  Facility managers can access data on equipment, maintenance schedules, and spatial relationships to optimize ongoing operations and future renovations.

Desapex: Your Partner for a Successful BIM-powered Airport Project

At Desapex, we possess extensive expertise in BIM technology and a deep understanding of airport design and construction complexities. We collaborate closely with our clients to develop a comprehensive BIM strategy, ensuring:

  • BIM Expertise: Our team comprises BIM specialists who can navigate the software and integrate BIM workflows seamlessly into your project.
  • Data Management: We establish robust data management protocols to ensure information accuracy and accessibility throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Integration and Coordination: We bridge the gap between design disciplines, fostering effective communication and collaboration.

By partnering with Desapex, you can leverage BIM to achieve a successful airport design and construction project, one that takes flight on time, within budget, and delivers a world-class passenger experience.

Contact Desapex today and let's discuss how we can help your airport project soar to new heights -

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