Company Overview

Desapex is a leading company in Utilities and Process design, recently branching into gas plant digitalization. With 7 years of experience across 6 continents and over 200 projects, Desapex leverages 3D Building Information Modelling (BIM) to spearhead digital transitions in gas plants. Their expertise in terrestrial laser scanning, using top-notch equipment from FARO, Trimble, and Leica, allows them to accurately capture gas plant details. This data refines Process and instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID) and isometrics, ensuring digital replicas are true to life. Embracing the ISO 19650 standard, Desapex consistently upgrades its methods to surpass industry standards.


With increasing demand for accuracy and efficiency, the energy sector, specifically gas plants, has been prompted to leverage state-of-the-art digitalization technologies. Among these, Terrestrial Laser Scanning and AutoCAD Plant 3D have emerged as pioneers, enabling operators to make informed decisions and optimize operations.

Challenges Faced in Traditional Gas Plant Documentation

  • Physical Accessibility: Many components in gas plants are hard-to-reach, leading to inaccurate or missing documentation.
  • Time-Consuming: Manual measurements and drafting can extend project timelines significantly.
  • Human Error: Manual methods can introduce errors that impact operational efficiency and safety.
  • Updation Difficulties: Changes in plant design or components can be difficult to document manually.

Terrestrial Laser Scanning: An Overview

TLS is a high-definition surveying method that captures detailed 3D data of structures, equipment, and surroundings. Features include:

  • High Accuracy: Can capture millions of data points to millimeter accuracy.
  • Safety: Reduces the need for personnel to access dangerous or hard-to-reach areas.
  • Rapid Data Acquisition: Allows for quicker documentation, ideal for tight project timelines.

Integration with AutoCAD Plant 3D

AutoCAD Plant 3D, a powerful modeling tool, can process and integrate TLS data to:

  • Generate Isometrics: Detailed isometric drawings, which are crucial for installation and maintenance tasks.
  • Update P&ID: Process & Instrumentation Diagrams can be seamlessly updated to reflect real-world changes.

Use Cases

1. Plant Expansion

Digitalization aids in seamless expansion projects, where integration with existing infrastructure is critical.

2. Maintenance & Repair

Accurate 3D models can pinpoint wear and tear, facilitating predictive maintenance.

3. Safety Audits

3D models can be used to simulate emergency scenarios, enhancing plant safety.

Tools & Technologies Used

  • High-Resolution Laser Scanners: Used for detailed data acquisition.
  • AutoCAD Plant 3D: For detailed modeling, isometrics generation, and P&ID updates.
  • Data Processing Software: Tools that assist in cleaning and processing the raw TLS data for integration with CAD systems.

Benefits to the Client

  • Cost Savings: Reduced errors lead to fewer reworks, saving both time and money.
  • Enhanced Safety: Digital models allow for better planning, reducing on-site risks.
  • Optimized Operations: Accurate models and updated documentation facilitate smooth operations.
  • Future-Proofing: Digital records can be easily updated and serve as a foundation for future technological integrations.


The integration of Terrestrial Laser Scanning with AutoCAD Plant 3D offers a revolutionary path to gas plant digitalization. By addressing traditional challenges and offering myriad benefits, this approach stands as a testament to technological advancement in the energy sector.

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