Digital Engineering for steel plant construction

Engineering drawings and specifications:

We provide detailed 3D models and drawings of steel structures specifically tailored for steel plants. Our expertise includes accurate representations of steel components and their connections to ensure optimal functionality and efficiency.

Clash Detection Coordination of Various Design Elements:

With our clash detection services, we ensure seamless coordination between different design elements within steel plants. By identifying and resolving clashes early in the design phase, we help prevent costly rework and construction delays.

Process flow diagrams - PID Diagrams using Plant 3D:

Our team is proficient in creating process flow diagrams and piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs) using Plant 3D software. We accurately depict the layout of piping systems, equipment, and instrumentation to facilitate efficient operation and maintenance of steel plant processes.

Electrical drawings - Conduit & Cabling Modelling & Drawings production:

We specialize in creating precise electrical drawings for steel plants, including conduit and cabling modeling and drawings. Our expertise ensures that electrical systems are designed and installed correctly, adhering to industry standards and safety regulations.

Structural drawings - 3D Model for Structural Steel elements:

We develop comprehensive 3D models and structural drawings specifically for the steel elements within a steel plant. Our models enable accurate visualization and analysis of structural components, ensuring efficient construction and long-term durability.

Civil drawings - 3D Model Development for Concrete elements:

Our team excels in creating detailed 3D models and civil drawings for concrete elements in steel plants. We accurately represent foundations, slabs, and other civil structures to support the smooth functioning of the steel plant.

Training manuals - Using 3D Models in Unity or Unreal Engine:

We provide training manuals that leverage the power of 3D models created in Unity or Unreal Engine. These immersive and interactive training materials enhance the learning experience for steel plant operators, allowing them to understand complex processes and procedures more effectively.

Operator manuals - Using 3D Models in Unity or Unreal Engine:

Our operator manuals utilize 3D models in Unity or Unreal Engine to provide clear instructions and guidance for steel plant operators. These manuals enhance operational efficiency and ensure safe and optimal plant performance.

Maintenance manuals - Using 3D Models in Unity or Unreal Engine:

Our maintenance manuals leverage 3D models in Unity or Unreal Engine to guide maintenance personnel through various tasks and procedures within the steel plant. These manuals facilitate accurate maintenance, reducing downtime and improving equipment lifespan.

Spare parts lists - Asset Management CMMS Solution:

We offer comprehensive spare parts lists integrated with an Asset Management Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) solution. This ensures efficient inventory management, timely replacement of parts, and minimized downtime for steel plant equipment.

Cost estimates - 5D BIM Modeling:

Through our 5D BIM modeling capabilities, we provide accurate cost estimates for steel plant projects. By integrating cost data with the 3D model, we enable effective cost planning and control throughout the project lifecycle.

Schedules - 4D BIM Modeling:

With our 4D BIM modeling services, we develop dynamic construction schedules that integrate time-related data into the 3D model. This allows for visualizing the construction sequence, optimizing project timelines, and facilitating efficient project management for steel plant construction.

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