Continuing Professional Development at Desapex

May 30, 2024

Desapex recently conducted a Professional Development activity focused on improving communication skills for all its Employees. The event, organized by the Learning and Development Management team, inculcated Communication skills by deploying Group activities of which Role Play was initiated as the kickoff event.

The program aimed to highlight the importance of effective communication across teams and identify areas for improvement. Project associates participated in discussions led by their team leaders, where they presented their project scope of work and individual responsibilities. This interactive format fostered a deeper understanding of how verbal and interpersonal communication skills play a crucial role in successful project collaboration.

The entire team was divided into seven groups with 6 members in each team consisting of a Project Team Leader, Project Associates and Trainees. The Team Leads were given the task of creating an Imaginary project and naming of that project and explaining all the details about it from Inception to the very End to all the Team members in an eloquent manner. The team members were required to listen attentively to what the Team Lead had to say and then decide among themselves who  would explain the

  • Scope
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Milestones
  • Outcome of the Project and
  • Challenges.

By adopting such a practice, the Team Leads were assessed for their Imaginary skills as well as communicative skills whereas the other Team members were assessed for their Listening and verbal communication skills which was the sole purpose of this event.

Ms.Chaitra, the Human Resource Manager, provided a comprehensive overview of different communication Skills and along with Dr. Thaarrini, Learning and Development Manager, they led an evaluation session, focusing on the technical aspects of communication among the various Groups.

This initiative reflects Desapex's commitment to empowering its employees and fostering a collaborative work environment. By investing in communication skills development, Desapex ensures its project teams have the necessary resources  they need to achieve optimal results.

At Desapex, we believe strong Communication Skills are essential for a project's success.

Chaitra Bhat

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