Desapex at Digital Built India 2023

May 30, 2024

In a significant stride towards revolutionizing India's digital infrastructure landscape, Desapex took center stage as an associate sponsor at the highly anticipated Digital Built India event, organized by the Centre for Digital Built Environment India (CDCPIndia) in Mumbai.

This landmark event, aimed at unveiling the latest trends and innovations in the digital built environment, successfully congregated industry stalwarts and experts, fostering discussions on the evolving role of digital technologies in shaping India’s built environment for a sustainable future.

Among the distinguished attendees was Desapex's own Varunkumar Sagarkar, who played an instrumental role in representing the company's vision and commitment towards integrating digital solutions in the built environment. Sagarkar, known for his insightful perspectives on sustainability and technology, engaged in meaningful dialogues with fellow industry leaders, underscoring the imperative need for digital transformation in achieving India's NetZero goals, particularly within the transportation sector.

A highlight of Sagarkar's participation was his comprehensive presentation on "Achieving the NetZero Goal for the Transportation Sector," where he elucidated the paramount importance of tracking carbon footprints and implementing Life Cycle Carbon Footprint Assessments (LCA) as foundational pillars for sustainable development. He emphasized how Building Information Modeling (BIM) is poised to become a pivotal database for LCA, facilitating more informed and environmentally conscious decisions in the construction and operation of infrastructure projects.However, Sagarkar did not shy away from addressing the prevailing challenges that accompany such ambitious goals. He pointed out the current hurdles in fully integrating BIM for LCA purposes, including data consistency, interoperability issues, and the broader need for industry-wide standardization and collaboration.

The Digital Built India event, through its engaging sessions and expert-led discussions, has once again highlighted the critical role of digital technologies in fostering a sustainable, efficient, and future-ready built environment in India. Desapex's active participation and sponsorship of this event reinforce its position as a forward-thinking leader, dedicated to driving positive change and innovation in the digital transformation journey of India's built environment sector.

"Desapex is proud to be part of this movement, driving innovation and collaboration to create a more sustainable and efficient built environment within India."

Varunkumar Sagarkar

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