Digital Scanning for Social Distancing Planning & Building Fitness for COVID-19

We hope everyone is doing well and staying safe in this critical time. As per the government standards, resulting from the Pandemic dictate new requirements from businesses and also the public's expectations for health and safety. Here we are to ensure a smoother reopening for your Hotels / Workspaces / Office spaces / Hospitals / Schools and Colleges.

We’ve compiled some of the most important considerations when reshaping your Duty of Care policies to meet new "Public Health Guidelines".We capture the existing conditions of your workplace/office campus and provide Digital Data as below:

  • Social distancing planning / Seating arrangements.
  • Also, all the important factors to be considered in Building Services.
  • MEP systems as per all the international codes and guidelines available for COVID-19 response.

Let's make a stronger strategy to provide a healthy and safe working environment to your teams. If you’d like to hear about this in more detail, let us know.

Author : Varunkumar Sagarkar
Director Digital Engineering - Desapex
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