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The Rise of Women in the Construction Industry

March 9, 2023

The construction industry is not male dominant field

The construction industry has long been perceived as a male-dominated field. However, in recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of women working in the industry. Women are breaking barriers and proving their worth in the construction industry.

In 2020, women made up 46.8% of the total workforce in the U.S., but in the construction industry, the statistics are drastically different. Of all construction workers, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 10% of them are women. So, for every 10 people in a construction-related role, one of them is a woman.

Whereas in India women take up over 25% of the construction industry workforce. According to reports published in 2020, there are about 1.46 million construction workers in India, and about 36 lakhs of them are women.

Although these number may seem low, it represents a significant increase from previous years.

Before knowing the reasons for the increase in women in the construction industry. let's see the challenges they are facing in the industry.

Major Challenges for women in the construction Industry  

Despite all the ways women are contributing to the industry and breaking barriers, they still face challenges in gender bias and career advancement barriers.

1. Societal Stereotypes and Discrimination

Even though the construction industry is clear on the need for more women to join, the industry has remained male-dominated. It is common to find only one woman on a construction site with many men. This makes her feel outnumbered and may cause the woman to enclose her potential due to the fear of outshining the men.

2. High muscle strength expectation

Some parts of construction require a lot of muscle strength. They require applicants for these jobs to possess a certain amount of physical strength, to be able to lift loads of certain weight. These types of requirements exclude women from qualifying for certain positions in the industry. Fortunately, many jobs in construction do not require this type of brute strength.

3. The lack of other women

For many, the lack of women in the industry sometimes means less access to support. In the survey, 45% of women said they don’t have access to a mentor either a man or a woman — and 2 in 3 don’t feel like they have opportunities to network with other women.

In spite of these challenges, women started loving the construction industry.

The top reason for the number of women in construction has been steadily increasing

Changing attitudes: There has been a shift in attitudes towards women working in traditionally male-dominated industries, including construction. As gender stereotypes are challenged and more women enter the workforce, the construction industry is becoming more open and accepting of female workers.

Career opportunities: The construction industry offers a wide range of career opportunities, from project management and engineering to trades like carpentry and plumbing. Women who are interested in hands-on work or have a passion for building and design can find fulfilling careers in construction.

Skill shortage: There is currently a shortage of skilled workers in the construction industry, and this presents an opportunity for women to enter the field and fill this gap.

Equal pay: The construction industry is one of the few industries where women can earn equal pay to their male counterparts. This can be a motivating factor for women who want to earn a good income and have a stable career.

Flexible work arrangements: The construction industry offers flexible work arrangements, such as part-time work and job-sharing, which can be appealing to women who have caregiving responsibilities or want a better work-life balance.

Future of women in the construction industry

Overall, women love working in construction, 80% of women say they love their job.

Not only that, but 76% agree that the role of women in construction is changing for the better — that’s up from 70% last year.

Today, many women are making their mark in the construction industry. At Desapex we have more than 40% women, who are working as project managers, architects, and BIM Engineers. Being a Digital Engineering company, we are providing an equal opportunity for women to prove their skills and talent.

Digital Engineering forms an ecosystem for women to feel valued. In addition to these initiatives, digital engineering can also help break down barriers and inspire future generations of women in this field. By sharing their experiences, providing mentorship and support, and advocating for more diversity and inclusion in the workplace, women can help create a more equitable and inclusive digital engineering community.


Women are breaking barriers and making significant contributions to the construction industry. There is still work to be done to address the challenges that women face, but there are many programs and initiatives aimed at supporting and empowering women in the industry. As more and more women enter the construction industry, the industry will become more diverse and inclusive, leading to better outcomes for everyone involved.

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