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Ultimate guide to outsourcing your BIM projects

June 21, 2022

Reduces Capex and Opex

Outsourcing is the BIG Name now in the IT and ITES industry. Many are not familiar with outsourcing whereas many on the other hand are quite familiar and love the concept.

It not only helps to plan your budget efficiently and effectively but also converts your Fixed IT costs into Variable Costs.

It enables a company to obtain efficient services at a lower cost and also reduces the spending on recruitment, training, and infrastructural development. Organizations are increasingly using outsourcing as a strategy to increase profitability and improve productivity and competitiveness. You can hire resources and work in a Studio Model where resources work diligently on only your projects following your standards and methodologies. Outsourcing allows you to stick to small budgets and pay for what you need. This is usually far more effective than hiring a full-time employee which can be expensive in the States.

Set up a highly-skilled BIM team

More projects mean more revenue.
The end goal for any organization is the Return on Investment.

The revenue growth Metric is important because it provides an indication of the health of the company’s sales and how successful a business is at selling its services. Outsourcing helps you to map the resources before onboarding an account/client. The outsourcing firm can always be your extended team and work parallelly with your in-house capacity to meet project deadlines and take up more new projects which will ultimately add to the revenue of the company. Desapex provides not only BIM authors, but our team consists of excellent BIM managers who can facilitate client-end communications and represent your team in coordination meetings.

Having said this, our proven record of project delivery, best practices of project management, modeling activities, and custom workflows to increase efficiency in communication and information management ensures that you are getting the best service at all times

Variable Capacity

Many times there is less availability of workers to work on complex projects. Variable Capacity incorporates all relevant aspects including personnel, budget, production schedules, and deliveries. If you can foresee your projected cost needs, it allows you to accurately budget for upcoming resource capacity and capability as per complex project needs and requirements.

You can ensure that you have the necessary resources and capabilities to perform the task and deliver on time. You can plan accordingly and forecast skill requirements and also make decisions regarding in-house skills Vs Outsourced Skills.

Outsourcing the work enables us to control this problem as the workforce will be available round the clock to work on projects.

In developed countries like the USA either there is a shortage of skilled workers or they are available at a very high cost. Therefore outsourcing the work in developing countries like India, the Philippines, etc enables access to a large number of skilled people who are efficient and proficient in English and also available for work at a very low labor cost.

Savings on Infrastructure and Technology

You do not have to spend extra on infrastructure and technology. When you outsource the work to someone, the partner already makes the necessary infrastructural changes as per the scope of work involved.

When you outsource, there is no extra cost for training programs and hiring skilled resources.

The work will be taken care of by the people who are already experts in it and this will bring efficiency to the quality of work too. This helps you to save cost on IT -hardware and software infrastructure like server, software licenses, expensive high configuration workstations, and their management., etc.

Time Zone Advantage

Outsourcing also has a great Time zone Benefit. There will be a time difference between both the countries (outsourced company and outsourcing company). For Example - if an American company assigns work to an Indian company the time gap is twelve hours. One can assign work and relax, as the work will be done by the time one wakes up the next morning. Therefore work will be going on round the clock. With dedicated Project coordinators working in your timezone to gather required inputs, the process of information exchange becomes seamless.


Outsourcing is a great way of project delivery when executed right. Your search ends here.

Our expert team has supported clients in various sectors ranging from residential, medical facilities, and commercial office spaces, and semiconductor manufacturing plants to oil and gas refineries, food processing facilities to foundry and forging industries, and so on.

No matter the size, duration, project discipline, or sector, get in touch with our experts today. You are now in touch with the world’s first and only ISO 19650 BIM consulting company based out of India to have the prestigious BSI Kitemark for Design and Construction.

We are Desapex. Our promise is Apex quality Designs to our clients, always. Get BIM consultation and project estimation today!

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