Virtual Shopping Malls

In the recent developments of the digital era, Virtual Reality has emerged as the most promising technology of the 21st century.

The devices like Oculus rift can be the most promising and game-changing tech gadgets of the coming years.

The architecture construction and engineering industry have started to embrace the OR technology for better visualization and to know the specific needs of clients to solve real-world problems virtually.

In the meanwhile, I have some ideas for implementing virtual reality for the world of E-commerce. Where building information models which can be integrated with oculus rift devices can be used as a place of E-commerce. Customers can visit any shopping malls in the world and feel the same atmosphere virtually. The products of Flipkart, Amazon or any other e-commerce websites can be found in the BIM models.

We can walk around the shops to see the products virtually check the product specification whether it suits your requirements or not and you can feel the design.

Virtual reality can become a real game-changing technology to market the products and sell them virtually which cuts the huge operational and construction costs of the malls.

Building an information model (BIM) can become a data enriched model for an e-commerce company to track the buying patterns of the customer and to create a better-organised strategy to sell the products.

For this to happen the concept of Big data and BIM must go hand in hand to solve real-world problems.

Author : Varunkumar Sagarkar
Director Digital Engineering - Desapex
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