Leveraging BIM, Reality Capture & AR/VR for Infrastructure Project Success: A Case Study

Digital Project Management
June 10, 2024

Leveraging BIM, Reality Capture & AR/VR for Infrastructure Project Success: A Case Study

Problem Statement from the client

The client was coming up with an internal road infrastructure project with utilities. The problem here was their design team was working on 2d drawings and the client's goal was to implement the complete digital framework for this project and implement the latest innovation technologies. Some of the requirements from the client are to Develop the 3D model, Implement the coordination activities and resolve the clashes frontend, Implement 4D simulation, and track the project with reality capture technology. Implement augmented and virtual reality technologies to show the infrastructure to their investors.

Internal Road BIM model

Scope of Work

The solution provided to meet the goal and requirements of client was “BIM, DPM using Reality capture & AR/VR for infrastructure project” which included:

During Detail design Phase

  • Implement the ISO 19650 framework like File naming convention, CDE, BEP and TIDP.
  • Develop the 3D BIM Model from the 2d drawings 
  • Run the Clash coordination activity and resolve the clashes  
  • Break the 3d model as per work breakdown structure and like it with the project schedule to run the 4D Virtual construction simulation.
  • Implement Virtual Reality and Augmented reality lab at client location.
Scope of work

During the Construction Phase

  • Track the project planned vs actual work with developed 4D BIM model
  • Implement the Reality capture technology to bring the actual work and as built conditions from site.
  • Capture the as built Progress weekly once with the laser scanners 
  • Update the BIM models as per as built Scanned data.
Point Cloud data

Project Location:

 Bangalore, India.

Input Shared by the client:

  • 2D Road drawings and utility drawings 
  • Finishes and landscape 2d drawings 
  • Project Master Schedule ( MS project schedule)
  • Site Survey Drawings - Coordinate System Information

Software used:

Project Timeline: 

  • Detail design Phase - 3 months
  • Construction Phase- 9 months

Key Challenges & How we solved the problem: 

Breaking down the BIM model to match with the project schedule Work breakdown structure was challenging for certain 3d elements.


Certain elements cannot be broken down like electrical & water chambers, sewer manholes etc.  so we have developed the model inline with work breakdown structure for better simulation and tracking project progress.

Selecting and Linking the 3d model to all the activities was quite challenging and the project schedule was not the level to show the virtual constructability simulation.  


First we broke down the schedule to one more level in WBS for better virtual construction simulation and tracking. A unique WBS ID was generated and assigned to the 3d elements, this activity saved a lot of time in linking the model to the project schedule for virtual construction simulation.

Outcome or How the client got benefitted:

  • Developed BIM Models were taken to virtual reality and augmented reality platforms and displayed to the investors and internal project teams for better understanding and visualization. 
  • Coordination between multiple design disciplines through validation of the BIM model on Navisworks. Resolved the clashes at the frontend before the construction began.Close to 500 clashes detected and avoided major reworks. 
  • Project schedule validation through 4D simulation as part of the integrated baseline review and the constructability issues. 
  • AR & VR facilitates stakeholder engagement and productive discussion leading to quality outcomes
  • Conducting periodic LiDAR surveys helped clients to bring the actual work executed for planned vs actual tracking and updating the models as per scanned data. At the end models are updated as per executed. 
  • Early detection of execution error through laser scanning prevented cost saving and helped to complete the project on time.

Deliverables provided:

  • BIM Models 
  • 4D Model & Virtual construction simulation 
  • Virtual Reality file 
  • Augmented reality file 
  • Digital Project progress report based on weekly scanning. 
  • 360 degree virtual walkthrough file and point cloud file
BIM model
Digital Twin