5 Ways Laser Scanning Surveying Can Help Your Construction Projects

November 9, 2022


If you're in the construction industry, you know that technology has made a significant impact on the way projects are completed. One of the most important technologies for construction is laser scanning. Laser scanning has revolutionized the way we capture and document 3D data. In this blog post, we will discuss 5 ways laser scanning can help your construction projects!

Improved accuracy and precision

laser scanning using LIDAR survey, image

Traditional surveying methods can often result in errors or miscalculations, but laser scanning eliminates these issues by capturing data with millimeter precision. Digital Terrain Model and Floor Flatness reports can be easily generated using the LIDAR survey.

Enhanced project documentation for project tracking

Enhanced project documentation for project tracking, image

Laser scanning allows for the creation of digital models and drawings that can be easily shared and accessed by all project stakeholders. This improved communication leads to a smoother construction process and construction progress monitoring can be achieved, which can be linked to project schedules and track the actual vs baseline cases.

Reduction in rework and change orders

Reduction in rework and change orders, image

With better communication and accuracy, laser scanning helps reduce the need for costly rework and change orders during the construction process, this is achieved by performing an intermediate LIDAR survey of the construction site so that we can map all the changes and stop possible future changes as well.

Existing system clash detection

Existing system clash detection, image

Laser scanning allows for the creation of a digital construction model, which can then be used to detect potential clashes between existing systems and design components before construction begins.

Bill Verification & Quantification

Bill Verification & Quantification, image

The ability to create precise digital models also helps with verifying the bills claimed by contractors by identifying potential gaps on the worksite. The design models can be compared to the As-built Models generated by laser scanning and the quantities can be verified by the same.

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